"I wasn't naked. I was completely covered by a blue spotlight." - Gypsy Rose Lee

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Vienna's newest act is packed with Parisian frou-frou flair.
With a costume inspired by Mae West, Marika Rokk and the early color musical films of the 1930s, this act is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.
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Photo by RJ Johnson

This act puts a unique twist on a turn-of-the-last century dance originally created by Loie Fuller.
Mixing Viking lore and imagery while drawing inspiration from Victorian performance art, Vienna becomes the Valkyrie. Appearing in glowing silk that swirls in an ocean around her, and crowned with a crystallized winged headdress; the classical symbol of the Valkyries.
Her hypnotic dance will excite and move you, as she takes you with her to Valhalla.

(Or, "The Snagged Stocking") First performed in London and Paris, Vienna's most popular act pays homage to a magical time during the turn of the last century known as "La Belle Époque".
In a gown of black lace and a green the color of absinthe, Vienna performs a striptease that hearkens back to the Moulin Rouge in its heyday. After enjoying a glass of absinthe, Vienna feels the effects of the Green Fairy, and ends up bathed in the absinthe itself! Since some venues may have stage restrictions, this number can be simplified to be performed without the use of liquids.
Vienna is also featured performing a version of this act in the popular indie film by Deirdre Timmons, "A Wink And A Smile".
Photos by Daniel Riedel

Corseted in silver satin, an ocean of tulle, and Swarovski crystal, this number is perfect for Weimar era shows and Oktoberfest events.
Performed to a traditional Bavarian tune mixed with a classic bump & grind orchestration, this sweet alpine treat decorated in edelweiss blooms is sure to have you yodeling for more!
Beginning with a sizzling striptease, the number climaxes with a classic fan dance. Vienna dances gracefully with two 3 foot tall white ostrich feather fans.

Photo credit from L to R: Cody Love, Popgoesamanda(flickr) and Raquel Van Nice.


This concoction of Vienna's is sure to put you under her spell!
Gliding across the stage to the croon of Sinatra and a classic burlesque bump and grind tune, Vienna weaves her magic. In a costume of jet black, purple and coral crystal, she bewitches with a striptease highlighted by seamed stockings and a 10 foot long black feather boa.
Photos by Johnny Crash and Patrick McCarthy

One of Vienna's most unique acts dedicated to the beauty, frivolity, and debauchery of the 1700s.
Enrobed in crimson velvet, shimmering gold, and a Swarovski covered tricorn hat, this number is a richly bejeweled expression of 18th century splendor.
Photos by Jeff Spirer and Johnny Crash 2011



One of Vienna's best shows involving the classic fan dance.
In a costume of vivid royal blue and sapphire swarovski crystals that sparkle like stars, Vienna dances as she coquettishly removes her voluminous bustled skirt. She continues the slow striptease into her fan dance with two giant, royal blue ostrich feather fans trimmed in sapphire crystals.


(Also known as "The Merry Widow")
Vienna pays tribute to the popular beauties that graced one of the most famous theater shows in 1900; "Florodora".
Dressed in a short black silk and jet beaded bustle dress with a pink feathered bonnet, she teases and beguiles as she unveils her pink silk and rhinestone covered corset. She removes her "unmentionables" and hides demurely behind her parasol or fan, allowing a glimpse or two, finishing with her parasol dance.
Photos by Jeff Spirer 2011, Photo at far right by Chris Blakeley

Dressed in little more than a few shimmering fringes of beads, and occasionally a blonde finger-waved wig, Vienna performs a classic feather fan dance that pays tribute to one of the most renowned burlesque performers of all time; Sally Rand. Made famous by her teasingly elegant dance with two giant white ostrich feather fans, Sally was the "It Girl" of burlesque during the deco era. Vienna brings this shining siren of the 1930s to life with perfection and poise.
See video of this performance below!

Photo: Rosey Lakos 2011


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